Each year, the club holds an Obedience Trial on the grounds of the Dogs NSW complex -The Bill Spilstead Complex for Canine Affairs, 44 Luddenham Road, Orchard Hills, NSW 2748.

An Inaugural Draft Test (dog pulling a cart) was held in conjunction with the Obedience Trial in 2018.

In 2019, the Blue Mountains Dog Training Club Obedience Trial and Draft Test will be held on Saturday 6 July, commencing at 9.30am.

If you are interested in trialling, whether your dog is a young dog or a more mature dog, has pedigree, is a rescue dog, or is a cross breed, the basic training the dog has received at the club’s obedience training will enable you and your dog to get ready for obedience trialling.

The world of trialling also includes such events as the drafting test, agility, herding, tracking, rally, and retrieving.

Thank you to our sponsors

Dogs NSW provides a list of trial dates.

To enter a trial the dog will need to be registered with Dogs NSW, either on the main register or associate register. You will also need to become a member of Dogs NSW.

There are five levels of Obedience Trialling in Australia, from ‘Community Companion Dog’ through to ‘Utility Dog Excellent’.

The rules are explained fully in the Obedience Rule Book available from Dogs NSW. All the exercises are based on useful things dogs can do for us, and which make the dog a better companion.

The club has an Obedience Trial and Draft Test Committee. The Committee works throughout the year to ensure an enjoyable and successful trial. The committee also engages volunteer Stewards to assist the judges in the rings on the day of the trial.

If you are interested in being a Steward or learning more about stewarding, please let the club know.

The Blue Mountains Dog Training Club Obedience Trial and Draft Test is grateful to several sponsors, including Love’em, Black Dog and Zoo Pets Pty Ltd, who donate dog food and dog treats for the prizes. The Hippy Shop Springwood also donates a prize.

The Katoomba and Upper Blue Mountains Bendigo Community Branch of the Bendigo Bank has become a major sponsor of the Obedience Trial and Draft Test.

The ongoing and generous financial support of the Bendigo Bank has ensured the viability and success of a wonderful day of trialling.

For your interest, the 2018 Trial Catalogue is available to download via the button below. The 2019 Trial Catalogue will be published in June.