Ground Closures

During periods of inclement weather, the council may close sporting grounds.

Please check the council website, or call the hotline on 4780 5617 for updates.

The following information is taken from the council website:

Our sports ground hotline is a pre-recorded message and can be used to gain information on the ovals status - the hotline number is 4780 5617 and is updated frequently.

Council is required to close its sports grounds and ovals from time to time in response to adverse weather conditions and other circumstances. The decision to close and reopen sports grounds and ovals is made on a needs basis. When grounds are CLOSED it is to prevent damage to the sporting fields, usually during wet weather. 

If grounds are declared CLOSED on the day of scheduled training, then training is not permitted. If grounds are declared OPEN, training is permitted at the discretion of the club.

While fields are open, clubs should assess ground conditions prior to, and throughout play to ensure that fields are suitable. Play should not commence or continue if field conditions deteriorate.