About the Blue Mountains Dog Training Club

Blue Mountains Dog Training Club is affiliated with the Royal New South Wales Canine Council and promotes caring, responsible dog ownership while providing its members with support, advice and professional instruction.

We are a non profit volunteer run association, allowing us to keep our fees to a minimum and offer a variety of obedience classes from beginners to advanced and through to trialling.

The Club welcomes new members, dogs of any breed & canine pets of every colour.

Our training techniques are kind, and reward based, with emphasis on teaching the owner how to better understand, communicate and train their dog.

Benefits of our Club

• A spirit of friendship and co-operation

• Good citizens on both ends of the lead

• Training as fun for both dogs and owners

• Social interaction with other dog lovers

• Juniors handlers train at 12 years or older

Benefits for your Dog

• Can go for walks without pulling

• Show manners around people and other dogs

• Stands while being washed or groomed

• Stays for a short time in a sit or down position

• Waits to get out of car when asked

• Comes when called