Dog Training Classes

We have three main training sessions and locations.

END OF YEAR BREAK (NO CLASSES): 15th of December 2018 to the 14th of January 2019.


Morning Obedience Training

Blackheath Oval. Includes morning tea.


The summer session at Blackheath will have an earlier starting time. This is to ensure the welfare of the instructors, dogs and handlers during this time when days can be uncomfortably hot. 

The summer session at Blackheath is from 17 January to 17 March 2019.

Classes will start at 9:30 am, ending at 11am.


Evening Obedience Training

Lawson Oval

Tuesday evenings 7 pm to 9 pm.


Afternoon Agility Training

Pitt Park, Wentworth Falls 

Sunday 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm.

Agility for beginners is also offered at Pitt Park on Wednesday afternoons from 1.30pm to 2.30pm.