Training Procedures and General Ground Rules.

Ground Rules

All members, visitors and their dogs must comply with the following rules when involved in club activities. Non-participating members and visitors must stay clear of all training areas to avoid any interference with or distraction of participants.

a) Members are responsible for their dogs.

b) Dogs entering the ground must be over 3 months of age and have current vaccination certificates or recent Titer test report for all dogs signed by a registered vet.

c) Bitches in season will not be allowed on the grounds for 3 weeks from the onset of the “season”

d) Dogs must be vetted before entering class. If a member brings more than one dog, each dog must be vetted separately.

e) A 6 foot or 1.8m lead is required for obedience training.

f) Body harnesses are not permitted in training classes. Correctly fitting collars, Halties, Martingales and Check Chains are accepted.

g) Dogs must be on leads at all times with the exception of dogs in white class under the direction of an instructor.

h) Dogs must not be tethered.

i) Access to areas being used for trialling class is restricted to trialling members, under the supervision of an instructor.

j) Jumping is not introduced until white class. Dogs must be over 12 moths of age and under the supervision of an instructor.

k) Physical reprimand or harsh treatment of a dog will not be tolerated.

l) The club’s training method of “positive reinforcement” is to be practiced at all times. Compliance with the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1979 (NSW) is mandatory. Any other forms of training or devices must be approved by the committee.

m) Members must sign the attendance book and pay any appropriate ground fees.

n) Members are expected to be courteous and show appropriate behaviour at all times.

o) Members must display the club identification badges or lanyard at all times.

p) Sensible clothing an closed shoes must be worn.

q) The club reserves the right to insist that a dog be muzzled for safety reasons.

r) Handlers must carry plastic bags and cleanup when their dog fouls the ground.

s)Junior handlers, 12 years old and under 15 years of ages, must have a responsible adult in attendance at the training ground.

t) Dogs are not permitted in the canteen area or equipment shed. Ask another handler to hold your dog while you get a coffee or enter the shed, Alternatively, place your dog in your car during the coffee break.

u) New members are advised that the club’s constitution is available for perusal at each training venue. A copy of the club regulations will be provided at induction.

v) Smoking is not permitted during any of the club’s activities.

w) All enquires regarding the function of the club should be directed to the club executive.

x) Any enquiry regarding training should be directed to the chief instructor or assistant chief instructor.

y) Mobile phones should be silenced during training.